*Folk-Art Giraffe*

Thank you for stopping by.  My offering today is a Handmade *Giraffe* .. This Giraffe is 10 inches tall from the base to his back and 16 inches from the base to his head.

This Folk-Art Giraffe is made completely from fabric.  The fabric I used is tight woven cotton or fabric very close to a linen. The fabric was hand dyed and washed.  His body was prepared with Gesso and tediously hand painted, stained and waxed.  I added a mohair mane and black roving to his tail.  I whittled out the holes for his hooves on a piece of old, worn drift wood and epoxied the hooves to the base.  The base is also waxed .

Giraffe comes signed and dated on his belly, nicely and securely packaged in his special box.

If you are interested in obtaining "Tajiri" he is $260.00 plus shipping.  Please email me at:  jodro860@aol.com.

If you have any questions please email me.  As Always, thank you for stopping by,  Gerri