*Sarah Good* The Salem Witch Trials

Welcome to my new Halloween Offering for October.

Fall is here!  The leaves are starting to turn, and soon the smell of a wood fire will be in the air.  It's time to put away the garden tools and hunker down for the cold of winter and comfy fires in the fireplace.

This unique Salem Witch is made completely from cloth.  The body is hand dyed woven cotton.  Her face was carefully needle sculpted, hand painted and a coating to protect the paint from fading.  

 Sarah Good is 29 inches in height without her hat and 39 inches with.

 I  dressed Sarah in a long, full dress with long sleeves.  I have added a beautiful, vintage handmade collar that has delicate floral stitching.
The material for the dress is quality cotton with a mustard and rust fan print with a black back round.
Underneath her dress is a pair of long dark tan pantaloons.  Her stockings are black homespun and I have hand painted her shoes.
I have fashioned a long cloak made out of black woven cotton.  The cloak has a high collar and ties at the neck.
Last, is her high, pointed witch hat made from black wool/felt.

Sarah Good's hair is made out of long, black kinky curls.  I have needle felted the hair securely to Sarah's head.

This Haunting Witch will make a nice addition to your Primitive, Folk Art Halloween collection or you can keep her out all year long.

Sarah comes to you signed and dated.

She will come to you nicely and securely packaged in her special box. 

*If you would like to purchase Sarah Good her cost will be $199.00 + shipping.   Please email me at:   jodro860@aol.com*

 As Always, thank you for stopping by.