My favorite season of the year is Fall!  I love Halloween and I love making Witches!  I am especially

interested in the history of the Salem Witch Trials in Salem, Massachusetts during the 1600's.

Bridget Bishop is my first Witch of 2018.  I thought this would be very interesting to share:

Bridget Bishop was found guilty of witchery and sentenced to be hanged, but hanging was forbidden by an old Massachusetts law. Conveniently, an old colonial law that made witchcraft a life-or-death offense was "discovered" and, on June 8, 1692, again passed into law. On June 10, High Sheriff George Cowan reported that he had hanged Bridget Bishop on Gallow Hill from the branch of a large oak tree.

The most damaging testimony was given by John Bly. Bishop had employed him to tear down a cellar wall in her former house. Inside the wall, he claimed, he had found dolls ("poppets") made of rags and hogs' bristles with pins stuck through them.

Guilty of Witchcraft

Bridget with her Handmade Poppet

Time to meet the Coven

They will be sorry!

Bridget Bishop is 25 inches in height and will sit nicely anywhere you prefer to place her.

Bridget is completely handmade from the best reproduction cotton fabric, woolens and soft flannel.  Bridget is made from my own patterns and her boots are completely hand stitched.

Bridget's unique braided hair is made from dyed flax that was bought many years ago from a old mill in Uxbridge, Massachusetts.

If you would like more pictures please let me know, I would be happy to send them to you.

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