Welcome to my December listings.

I was so happy to finish my listings and get them to you in time for your Christmas/Holiday decorating.

Hope you enjoy!

This Primitive Folk-Art Snow Girl is 25 inches in height.

This Christmas Snow Girl is made completely from cloth that has been naturally  hand dyed.

The face is hand stitched and her nose is a dehydrated carrot.

Snow Girl is wearing a Holiday dress I made from soft high quality flannel fabric.  I have hand sewn the bells onto her ruffle and added a matching apron.

Under her Holiday dress are her tiny check dark red and tan, long pantaloons.

Lastly, is her long, dark red and tan check, stocking cap with a rusty jingle bell on the end.

This doll is now: Sold

This Snow Girl comes in her special box nicely and securely packaged.

Thank you so much for stopping by. 



This is my rendition of an old German Belsnickel.

The Belsnickel is 24 inches in height, he is lightly weighted so he can sit anywhere you care to place him.

He is made from hand dyed osnaburg fabric.  His facial features have been needle sculpted and hand painted, his hair and beard are white, sheep wool that I have securely needle felted to his head. 

I have made a deep sage green coat, hat and trousers.  I decided to use a brown faux edging going around the coat and hat.  The Belsnickel is also wearing dark brown boots and mittens that are hand painted.

Belsnickel is carrying his sack made from lightly hand dyed flannel.  I made a waxed, hand painted gingerbread girl ornament with hanger that you can also hang on the tree.

This Santa/Belsnickel is now:  Sold

The Sitting Belsnickel comes to you signed and dated, nicely and securely packaged.  If you have any questions please email me, I love hearing from you.

As always, thank you for stopping by.  Happy Holidays!