I have just finished my rendition of *Maggie White* a black child born and raised into slavery in the early 1800's and lived to see the end of the Civil War.

The picture I have added is one of my favorite's.  It is not a picture of Maggie, but it replicates the work that Maggie was ordered to do for most of her days living on a plantation.  Clearing the fields was a harrowing job of bending and pulling up weeds to help clear the rows and rows of fields working along side of the men.  During the bad weather and during the winter she worked on spinning and dyeing wool to be used for blankets.

Maggie had many children also born into slavery.  They sang and praised the Lord that they would some day be free.  I don't know if they were ever blessed with freedom, but some how they were never separated and Maggie lived on to witness the birth of her first grand child.


Maggie White is 24 inches in height.  Her facial feature are needle sculpted giving nice definition 

to her cheeks, nose and chin.  Her eyebrows are needle stitched and her mouth is handstitched to 

her face, her ears were also needle sculpted and hand stitched as is her hands and fingers.

I have made a 1800's fieldoutfit for Maggie using the pic. I have included as a guide.  The skirt has

been put through a process to bring down the bright blue to a washed out look with old wrinkle 

lines running through the cotton.  The field shirt is worn, vintage flannel in a dull pink and white   

ticking.  Pushed down inside her shirt is a open weave cotton kerchief.  Over Maggie's skirt is a field
apron that has been lightly hand dyed (walnuts) and is made out of feed sack cotton.  Maggie's 

hair wrap is made from walnut dyed osnaburg (med. weave cotton) this head wrap is tied in the 

back and can be removed to reveal her full head of rag tied braids.

On her feet I have hand made a pair of slip on shoes made from dark brown and black faux suede.

Maggie White can be purchased for $197.00 plus shipping.  I accept Paypal, check or Money Order

If you are interested please email me at:   wwwjodro860@ aol.com.

Maggie comes to signed and dated in her special box nicely and securely packaged.


As Always, thank you for dropping by, Gerri


I bring to you a new Anthropomorphic Spring Rabbit named *Jasper.*

Jasper is 25 inches in height and if you include his ears, he is a bit over 30 inches.  Jasper, is lightly weighted and will sit nicely anywhere you would like to place him.

This Spring rabbit is made from quality brown homespun.  The facial features have been hand painted except for his nose that was hand stitched and his whiskers that are heavy tailors thread securely stitched to his muzzle.. The hands are hand painted and waxed as is his tan painted on stockings and black painted on shoes.
Jasper is wearing a brown flannel shirt with a lined brown flannel collar, I have added five vintage pearl buttons going down the front.  He is also wearing a pair of short overalls made from plaid flannel with cotton lined straps.  There is a lot of hand tailoring and hand stitching on this outfit that fits him beautifully.

The heart he is bringing his sweetheart is made out of deep red velvet.
the bunny is hand stitched and I also added a dyed, ragged cheesecloth bow.  Please note: the bow is much darker then appears in the picture.

*Jasper* will come to you in his special box nicely and securely packaged.

If you are interested in taking *Jasper* home, his purchase price will be $135.00 plus shipping.   Please email me at:   jodro860@aol.com with your preferred method of payment.

If you have any questions please send me a note, as I love hearing from you.

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