My November Offering

Happy Yuletide Greetings!

I am offering my Belsnickel In Brown.

My old Belsnickel is wearing a dark brown woolen coat with dark faux brown fur going around the bottom of the coat and the bottom of each sleeve, He is also wearing a matching hat. The mittens are hand painted and vintage off white faux fur was added, his black snow boots are made from black wool felt with the same off white fur attached.

I have added the brown woolen sack. The little boy is handmade by me out of osnaburg fabric, he is wearing a one piece overall outfit made out of cotton plaid material. I added a dk. gray ski cap and scarf out of sweater knit material.

I also want to add, This Belsnickel is 22 inches in height and will sit nicely anywhere, or you can stand him up with a doll stand like I did in the pictures. The old Belsnickel's hair and beard is made from white washed sheep wool that I securely needle felted to his head.

He comes to you signed and dated in his special box nicely and securely packaged.

If you would like to Purchase The Belsnickel in Brown his cost is, $178.00 plus shipping.  Email me at:  Thank you.

Vintage Christmas Angel

This unique Angel is 21 inches in height.  I have lightly weighted her so she can sit very nicely or you can hang her up..

The Angel's face has been given an old worn look by using water colors, wax and stain in different sections.  I have applied her hair and added a vintage handmade halo that I have hardened.

I have been collecting vintage handmade dresses from the 1930's and other accessories for quite a while, and I have decided to use these dresses and slips on my Christmas Angels this year.  As you can see they add so much beauty to these unique dolls.

If you would like to purchase this Christmas Angel, her purchase price is, $168.00 plus shipping.   Please email me at  Thank you.

All my dolls are shipped in their own boxes, nicely and securely packaged.